Owning the company, firm, enterprise in the small, medium
or large extent? Would you like to give a good talking and understand the trade negotiations and meetings,
are you up to use those correct phrases or expand your vocabulary in Business English?

One of the most difficult, demanding and the greatest challenges of English are phrasal verbs. Britons and Americans use them often in common dialogues, business, when negotiating, in trade, literature, media, almost everywhere and as long as you don't master and command them no less than partially, you may frequently logically misunderstand the meaning of verbs from the context or understand them wrongly.

Price 59 Eur

Price 59 Eur

Price 59 Eur

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Watching series, movies, either of British or American production,
is one of the toughest, the most difficult and demanding challenges when trying to understand and grasp English language and therefore this workshop opens the doors to these dark recesses of hilarious and weird peculiar expressions, phrases and figuratively sounding sentences, not offering any sense in the given context.

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